Germany represents Europe’s largest medical cannabis market, with over 200,000 public prescriptions written in 2019.*
*German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds
Germany represents Europe’s largest medical cannabis market, with over 200,000 public prescriptions written in 2019.*
*German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds
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Germany legalized medical cannabis in March 2017 and today is the largest medical cannabis market in Europe.

With a potential patient base of over 1 million patients, it stands to grow substantially over the next several years.

Materia aims to be one of Germany’s leading medical cannabis suppliers, with a commitment to availability, affordability and quality. Materia Germany was founded in June 2018 in Hamburg and supplies the pharmacies in Germany via well-established and competent fulfillment partners certified for pharmaceuticals and narcotic drugs.

Materia Deutschland GmbH is an approved pharmaceutical wholesaler holding the license section 52a of the German Medicinal Act (“AMG”) and the certification of Good Distribution Practice (“GDP”) granted by the Authority for Health and Consumer Protection of the Free and Hanseatic City Hamburg.

Further, Materia holds the permit for the trade of narcotic drugs as per section 3 of the German Narcotics Drugs Act (“BtMG”) and the License to distribute medical cannabis flowers that have undergone ionizing radiation treatment (“AmRadV”). 


Materia is distributing medical cannabis in Germany which was cultivated by Bedrocan.
Bedrocan is one of World’s leading producers of standardised medicinal cannabis flos (the whole, dried flower).
They supply medicinal cannabis to the Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) which exports the product to Germany and other countries.
The pharmaceutical quality of Bedrocan’s products meets the high standard that we set ourselves at Materia, delivering products with a consistent composition of cannabinoids and terpenes which is essential for the needs of patients.
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Cantourage allows patients in Europe to benefit from innovative and competitive medical cannabis therapies. Cantourage sells products made from the raw material of the cannabis plant. All products are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions and are subject to constant quality controls. 

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imc in Germany is part of an international cannabis group.

imc comes from the birthplace of medical cannabis and combines the best of Israel and Germany: innovative spirit, many years of know-how in the cannabis industry, state-of-the-art technologies, security and reliability in delivery, knowledge of the German market and knowledge of the needs of the Patient.

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Aphria Inc. is one of the leading cannabis producing companies and has been setting high quality standards since 2013.

Aphria’s natural cannabis product works with biological benefits and does not use any pest control chemicals. From sowing the seeds to packing and shipping, every step is documented and every single plant is monitored = seed-to-sale, with 509 control steps in between. The quality corresponds to the requirements of the German pharmacopoeia and is therefore pharmaceutical quality.

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Materia Deutschland GmbH is member of the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V.


Materia is a proud industry partner to The Association of Cannabis Selling Pharmacies, whose membership consists of German pharmacies. 

Materia currently offers a consistent supply of pharmaceutical-grade flower from producers like Bedrocan, imc and Cantourage and in 2021 will expand its portfolio to include a range of proprietary cannabis-based products manufactured in our EU-GMP certified facility in Malta.

Full details on our medical cannabis product suite and further information can be found in our section for professionals (belonging to the groups mentioned in section 10 of the German Drug Advertising Law “Heilmittelwerbegesetz”).

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/// With a population of over 83 million people, Germany is the largest federally legal medical cannabis market in Europe.


Potential Patients

/// Current forecasts suggest Germany could see 1 million patients being prescribed medical cannabis products by 2024.


Public Coverage

/// Approximately 90% of the German population is covered under the national public healthcare system, meaning they would be reimbursed if they were to get a public prescription for medical cannabis.



/// Germany has approximately 20,000 pharmacies, which could dispense medical cannabis to patients with a prescription. As of today fewer, than one tenth of them regularly stock cannabis.

Our Commitment to Quality

Materia is committed to becoming Germany’s medical cannabis supplier of choice, by delivering a best-in-class service across the entire value chain.

EU-GMP Imports

Via our EU-GMP certified facility in Malta and a vast network of import partners Materia is able to source, manufacture and import high quality cannabis products into Germany. 

Consistent & Affordable Supply

With a consistent supply of medical cannabis products Materia will demonstrate our commitment to patient access by reducing affordability barriers.

Robust Distribution

By leveraging the expertise of our partners in warehousing, logistics and fulfillment, we’ll ensure that our distribution supply chain is robust and fit for purpose.

Our Medical Cannabis Products

All medical cannabis products provided by Materia are EU-GMP certified with a range of different cannabinoid and terpene profiles ensuring safe and patient-specific therapy. Since the medicinal products distributed by Materia consist of cannabis dried flower, which is a prescription-accessed narcotic, we are unable to legally provide any specific public information about our medical cannabis products.

We are only allowed to provide further information on our products to health professionals. 

(In case that you are a health professional according to section 10 of the German Drug Advertising Law please register for our professional section). 

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For health professionals (according to section 10 of the German Drug Advertising Law “Heilmittelwerbegesetz”) interested to know the details of our medical cannabis product range, we have a dedicated restricted area (powered by DocCheck), where you can find the full product range, along with educational materials and the process for ordering online.

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