Through best-in-class cannabis processing, manufacturing and distribution we aim to achieve our vision of being the enablers of global cannabis access.
Through best-in-class cannabis extraction, processing and distribution we aim to achieve our vision of being the enablers of global cannabis access.
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Founded in 2018 by an experienced group of cannabis industry pioneers, Materia is a highly ambitious pharmaceutical company that strives to be a global leader in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

With a focus on downstream value-add activities like manufacturing, extraction, supply and distribution, Materia aims to be the supplier of choice in both the medical cannabis and wellbeing space. 

Materia’s management team draws on deep cannabis, pharmaceutical and CPG experience with extensive expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments, specifically in Europe.

Materia is on a mission to be the most trusted name in enabling access to cannabis, worldwide.

We collaborate with cannabis suppliers, government officials, healthcare providers and retailers to realise the full health and economic benefits of cannabis.

The expertise we offer in navigating complex regulatory ecosystems – combined with our unparalleled industry network – ensures that our partners enter global markets with confidence.

Our leading market and product knowledge enables us to supply the formulations and product portfolios that best address the needs of our patients and consumers.

Government officials and healthcare providers around the world seek Materia because we deliver quality medical grade products and subject matter expertise at the highest levels of integrity.

Our passionate team of industry-leading professionals works in symphony with our partners. We align our own success metrics to theirs. And by committing to the relentless pursuit of knowledge and exceptional service, our relationships go far beyond transactions, maximizing value for every Materia stakeholder.

Scientific progress is key to the future success of the global cannabis industry. That’s why at the heart of Materia’s business is our ethos of innovation. 

By undertaking cutting-edge research through partnerships with world class scientists, we aim to develop clinically tested pharmaceutical cannabis products for a range of indications.

Expertise Throughout the Value Chain

Manufacturing & Processing

Our state-of-the-art facility in Malta is strategically positioned to distribute EU-GMP cannabis flower and oils throughout Europe and the globe.


Materia seeks to be the leader in cannabis extraction. We’ve built a team of experts with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in order to produce products that patients can trust.

Regulatory Expertise

Materia’s management team benefits from extensive pharmaceutical and cannabis regulations experience across the European Union, and a vast network of industry and government relationships.

Import & Distribution

Materia has secured supply agreements with various international partners, and has import and distribution capabilities across Europe’s key markets including Germany, Denmark and the UK.


Materia’s team of sales and marketing experts are developing a licensed portfolio of renowned CBD brands distributed and marketed across Europe, with a particular focus on the UK.

Our European Focus



Materia's North American Headquarters

355 Adelaide Street West, Floor 6, Toronto, ON M5V 1S2


Materia Deutschland GmbH

℅ Spaces, Gorch-Fock-Wall 1a, 20354 Hamburg

United Kingdom

Materia's UK Headquarters

c/o Regus Old Street, Office 16, 167 City Road, London, EC1V 1AW


Materia Denmark



Materia's Malta Headquarters

Bldg 102, Hal Far Industrial Estate, HHF308, Hal Far BBG3000